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Fresh, organic and local ingredients. Incredible combinations and unmatched results. Unparalleled flavors and unique experiences.

Tasting Menu

Main attraction of our menu, the tasting Menu is the true mirror of our work. The Chef and kitchen teams professionalism, experience, dedication and creativity are evident in each course. The flavors, textures, colors and aromas, arranged in perfect harmony, come to the table in the exact sequence to arouse unparalleled sensations. A surprise at every course.


The Chef's Menu (R$290), which changes every season, has no fixed dishes, always bringing new experiences to each guest. What always remains is the valorization of the ingredients of the region and the use of fresh products, harvested locally and brought to the table.

Wine list 

With excellent choices to pair with the entire menu, our extensive wine list is assembled carefully to provide perfect harmony with our dishes, making your experience even more amazing. Our sommelier is always on hand to help you choose. If you prefer to bring your favorite label, the amount of R$ 75.00 per 750ml bottle is charged for wine services.


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