From farm to table

From farm to table

The design of the dishes are idealized since the organic cultivation of the ingredients, bringing in the assembly a great variety of colors, textures and flavors.

Our Structure

Our Structure

In the midst of nature, where lavenders and manacás stand out in the garden. A privileged place, charming and complete to receive you. 

Tasting Menu

Tasting menu

A selection of seasonal dishes with the best of our local cuisine. All the dedication, technique and creativity of Chef, straight to your table.


Duaine Clements

The true conductor who orchestrates our cuisine, Chef Duaine Clements uses his technique, knowledge and a lot of creativity, as well as having all his experience and a natural gift to create and serve majestic and innovative dishes, which change with each request of the Tasting Menu. His passion and dedication lead him to work in the production of food in its complete cycle, from the planting of the seeds, to the handmade production of pasta, cured meats, smoked cheeses and other Manacá flavors - everything passes through his hands. 

Chef Duaine Clements


Pedra Azul Region

We are located in the heart of the mountains of Espirito Santo, San Jose del Alto Viçosa, Pedra Azul region.

Coordinates: S 20º 25’ 9.3” | W 41º 6’ 15.6”