The Restaurant

A gastronomic haven in the middle of the exquisite mountains of Espírito Santo.

A restaurant created amidst beautiful the raw nature.

Quinta dos Manacás

Feeding the body and soul under nature's caress

Quinta dos Manacás Restaurant has the opportunity to connect heart and soul with the food it serves. The contact with the soil is the basis of the philosophy of our cuisine. We serve the products that are grown on our own farm, thus reducing the distance between the cultivation of the products and the dish served.


The preparation of the dishes starts with the planting of organic ingredients on the property. The restaurant also uses food from local farmers, always focusing on the use of the freshest ingredients.


The endeavor of planting, from seed selection to the growth and harvest of the food from our gardens, is our unique privilege. The variety of colors, textures and flavors transcend the meal, transforming into a true gastronomic experience.

The restaurant's front yard with some outside tables
Cida Gomes,the restaurant's owner, standing in the garden


Amidst the beautiful raw nature, this small paradise filled with manacás (a native tree) was acquired by Cida Gomes in the early 90's. Considered a woman of vision, always ahead of her time, Cida had intentions on growing organic products at the time.  She also had a great interest in creating a space to provide a special experience in the Mountains of the Pedra Azul region of Espírito Santo.


From her passion for the region, the desire arose to create an enterprise that was unique in the farm that she had acquired years back. Also realizing the local tourist potential and the singular beauty that reigns in its lands, part of the dream was materialized with the opening of the restaurant Quinta dos Manacás, in January 2016. Since the inauguration, Cida kindly welcomes each of its customers, a task that the hostess performs with great pleasure. There are still paths to be followed to put into practice our other projects, which will be created with equal taste and sophistication. 

Chef Duaine Clements

A graduate of Culinary Arts in the city of Vail, Colorado, Chef Duaine Clements describes his childhood as one of his main inspirations for choosing his profession. After culinary school, Duaine set out to gain experience by traveling. He passed through countries, such as Italy, France and Thailand, where he gained experience and practice in local cuisines.


Back in his own country, he worked in renowned restaurants in the cities of Boston and New York, sharing the kitchen with world-renowned Chefs such as, Joel Robuchon, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Ken Oringer. Married to a Brazilian, his arrival in Brazil was inevitable and was driven by curiosity and interest in studying the culture and Brazilian ingredients.


Chef of Quinta dos Manacás restaurant since its opening, Duaine Clements is being recognized for his originality and competence. The Chef believes that the great secret in the design of the dishes is the quality of the ingredients and for this, he takes care personally of the task. 

Chef Duaine Clements standing at the restaurant's door


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